I was tagged by vilsa :)

Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.

  1. Harry Potter series by J K Rowling 
  2. The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks 
  3. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead 
  4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
  5. The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West by Mary Stanton 
  6. Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson 
  7. The Fat Girls Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker 
  8. Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart 

I…can’t think of any others right now >.> 

I tag: anyone who wants to do it lol :D