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One romcom I really like is Going the Distance. I think people dismissed it because Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are not everyone's cup of tea? But yeah it was def one of my faves of recent years, I thought it was funny and honest. Also if you don't mind Drew B, maybe Music and Lyrics?

I think I may have seen Going the Distance already, definitely haven’t seen Music and Lyrics and I like Drew! :) Thanks!


suggestions for good romcom’s?

hornecooper answered your question “suggestions for good romcom’s?”

you’ve got mail, groundhog day,4 weddings and a funeral,wedding singer, sleepless in seattle, bridget jones diary, the holiday, notting hill

bless you thank you :****

merliny asked:

have you seen 'romantics anonymous'? its a french film about a a choccolate maker who is the best in her trade but cripplingly shy so lives as a hermit for a while but then goes to work for a chocolatere who has anxiety and its about how they work out their relationship when neither of them are good at social situations - plus its adorable

no i haven’t! it sounds really interesting thank you for the suggestion! :*

suggestions for good romcom’s?

super lovely dreaming about children trying to kill you


girls shouldn’t be waiting for romeo they should be waiting for steve rogers